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Connected, Before Birth and Beyond by Randine Mariona

By Randine Mariona MA, RSW

About the Book:

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Randine is a relatable modern mom. She gets the joys and appreciates the challenges of showing up everyday to parent.  Randine’s writing vulnerably and masterfully invites the reader in.  She combines real stories, with decades of clinical insights and research, throughout Connected: Before Birth and Beyond that will capture your heart, make you laugh and bring a tear to your eye.

Readers will turn the pages feeling understood, validated, and appreciated for who they are and for all their efforts.  Randine demonstrates that caring for parents is caring for children.  Parents will come away with a deeper awareness and relationship with themselves and their children.

Parents walk together in nurturing the next generation. Our children need us more than ever.  Let us unlock our greatest influence as a parent, optimize our children’s development and feel fulfilled knowing what is key in being a mom or dad.


“I believe once we appreciate our universal human need for connection and belonging, we have the keys to unlock our potential as parents"

Best Friends
Praise for Connected: Before Birth and Beyond.

Randine’s manner of writing made me feel like I was having a chat with a friend in her living room: a frank and vulnerable conversation about the challenges of parenting. Her conversational and gentle tone hooked me from the start. Just as our kids tune us out when we become too preachy, parenting books that are prescriptive can leave parent readers feeling ashamed and closed off to new ideas. Randine deftly presents her ideas in such an open and genuine manner

that a parent of a child at any age will glean useful suggestions that will empower them and assure them that they have not messed up their children.



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Mariona MA, RSW

About the Author:  
In Writing: 

I have felt the desire deep from within guiding me to take notice, create, and reflect on life moments worthy of sharing. My intention writing was never to reduce a complex topic like parenting down to prescriptive steps. 


My intention was relational and descriptive. I aspired to share the life-changing information I had accumulated and benefitted from so immensely. I wanted to write a book that parents could relate to and feel supported in reading. I wanted to make you laugh, feel inspired, feel supported and, at times, even cry. I wanted to show up and connect with you as the reader.


Along with being relatable I wanted to make you comfortable to pause, reflect and self-discover. My hope is that you will find meaning from this book that will spark clarity with what matters most. Knowing what matters most will help set your intentions as parents moving forward.


In Practice:

With over 20 years of clinical counselling experience, I compassionately and non-judgmentally meet people where they are.  I know that people are doing their best to try to manage their life and that sometimes people feel stuck.  Acknowledging the courage it takes to get help, I am committed to making the counselling process feel safe, supportive, and rewarding.  I help people get unstuck, make better sense of their circumstances, and move forward with increased confidence.

My approach to practice is rooted in attachment, trauma-awareness, compassionate inquiry, and acceptance & commitment therapy.  During my longstanding career, I have worked in mental health and substance use, instructed at Thompson Rivers University and taught trauma informed practice.  I have been a parenting consultant, a social work practice lead for Interior Health and I recently opened up my private counselling practice.

As a published author, lifetime learner, podcast enthusiast and fellow traveler through the journey of life I am approachable and easy to identify with. My open and genuine manner is soothing, validating and inspiring. 


I obtained a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1995 and a Master’s of Arts in Child and Youth care in 2006, both from the University of Victoria, Canada. I am a registered social worker with the British Columbia College of Social Workers.  My dedication to professional development keeps me current with best practice standards in my field.

Family at a Beach
Connected: Before Birth and Beyond 
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